Ein paar Tipps für VokoScreen:

Recorded videos can be edited with video editing tools like avidemux, kdenlive or OpenShot.

To recode videos, transmageddon is a good choice.

The pause button is a nice feature whenever you have to do a break (ringing telephone, preparing stuff, ...).

Of course, vokoscreen records when you switch to another desktop or open a virtual machine.

If you only want the audio track of a video, you can extract it with avidemux and export it to a mp3/ogg/whatever file.

While capturing a single window, you can move another window into this area if you want to.

The size of the webcam's output can be changed in the webcam settings.

If you want to visualize each mouse click, the "key-mon" tool may help you.

And if you want to highlight which keys you pressed, "screenkey" is the appropriate tool for you.

Many digital cameras can be used as a webcam.