Version 2.0.0
Audio Codec libvorbis with avi and using Pause contains a bug!
Until disposal please use libmp3lame and mkv.

Version 1.8.0
Many digital cameras can be used as a webcam. Vokoscreen supports these, provided that the cameras have a corresponding video mode.
Just try -

Version 1.7.0

If anyone would like to help us with translations for vokoscreen can do this at:

Version 1.6.0:
The webcam image can be set via the context menu

Version 1.5.0:
With OpenSuse 12.3 pleas only use the option „Auto-frames“.

Mailinglist for vokoscreen: mails to

Vokoscreen is licensed under the GNU Public License 2 (GPL2)
Sourcecode :

Version 1.4.5:
Hotkey for magnifikation: CTRL + SHIFT + F9

Version 1.4.1:

The shortcuts assigned to the buttons are shown by hoovering the buttons:
Start: CTRL + SHIFT + F10
Stop: CTRL + SHIFT + F11

README! Version 1.2.0

A small program to create screen videos including sound recording. Although this program is really small and inconspicious, it includes exceeding capabilities to generate training videos, installation videos, browser and Skype recordings. Ideas are not limited and anyone interested can compose any desired recording by using recording programs like „Avidemux“ or „kdenlive“.

This program was tested with OpenSuse 11.4, 12.1 and Ubuntu 11. Implementations for other distributions are in proof.

Latest version are available from:

1. Unpack the download-file to any desired folder.
2. The download-file contains a .rpm- and a .deb-version.
- the .rpm-version eventually installs needed dependences for OpenSuse. For use you need the packman repository.
- the .deb-version might also receive needed dependences from the distribution server.

1. Choose fullscreen or a window for the desired recording.
2. If only one window is used, choose this option and click on the window for recording.
- the activate window should not be removed from position!
3. For sound recording choose „Audio“ in the settings and in the dropdown menue select the appropriate Audiodevice.
4. Depending to system configuration „alsa“ or „pulse“ should be selected.
5. For recording quality select framerate and videocodec. We recommend „Standard“.
6. Select a path for video storage.
7. Choose the desired player for replay.
- The generated videos are stored with continuos numbers.

- To avoid error messages the before installed version 1.0.0 should be removed! Afterwards all higher versions can always be upgraded as usual.

If vokoscreen is not working, you have a wrong version of ffmpeg (videolan or other sources). Install the Version from packman.

For working, you need the multimedia codecs from:
deb squeeze main non-free
deb wheezy main

The generated video file can be edited at choice and quickly trans-encoded with programs like „avidemux“, „kdenlive“ or „OpenShot“.

For example – Short description for „Avidemux“:
Load a video -
Video track: MPEG-4
Audio track: MP3 (lame)
Container format: MP4
Press Save button.

The program is under further development.

Log-files are stored in the folder „/home/..../.config/vokoscreen. Please include log-files to your problem notification.

This program is freeware! The use lies in the area of responsibility of the user.

For any questions, wishes and feedbacks contact: tux @

Have fun!