FAQ for VokoScreen:

Q: What does the red flashing fps field mean
A: The value for the fps is too high. The computer can not bring forth this performance by this frame rate.
Make absolutely sure that the display field is green. Flashes red when recording in all likelihood damaged and / or the sound is asynchronous.

Q: The recording does not start (SuSE)
A: There might be a ffmpeg by videolan or another source installed. Uninstall this one, add the packman repository and install its version of ffmpeg.

Q: How to extract the audio of a recording?
A: Open the video file in avidemux and export the audio track.

Q: Recording audio does not work (Ubuntu)
A: Search for "restricted" in the software center and install the found multimedia package.

Q: I want to record a skype call. This does not work if I only select the skype window.
A: As of version 1.3, input and output can be recorded at the same time.

Q: The control buttons does not work in Debian/Ubuntu
A: This only work in KDE and Gnome. 
For other desktops it may possibly also work, but is not guaranteed. You can use the the hotkey feature.

Q: Which are the hotkeys?
A: The shortcuts will be displayed by hovering the Start / Stop / Pause buttons.
Start: CTRL + SHIFT + F10
Stop: CTRL + SHIFT + F11
Pause: CTRL + SHIFT + F12

Known bugs:

1# Vokoscreen has got some problems while recording with Gnome 3 (e.g. wrong colors).
2# With OpenSuse 12.3 use only the option „Auto-frames“.