recording screencasts with audio


for OpenSuse / Ubuntu / Debian - 32/64bit

record all actions on your screen
for documentations
educational videos
Skype / Webcam recordings and much more

current version:  3.0.0

-> Multilinqual
-> GUI available in 40 languages (depending on your system's setting)
-> Start, Stop, Pause, Play
-> recording of a full screen, window or a defined region
-> detects webcams
-> controlable by hotkeys
-> magnifier to zoom an area
-> region to record may be defined freely
-> avi and mkv video containers
-> mpeg4 and h.264 video codecs
-> adjustable frame rate. Auto-frames for best results
-> choose storage location
-> recordings may be watched immediately (available media players are recognized).
-> auto-hide feature (KDE and Gnome only) and control by taskbar.
-> sound: alsa and pulseaudio. Devices are detected automatically.
-> sampling rate of mic detected automatically
-> mixing of sound sources under pulse
-> mouse cursor can be hidden
-> Suse, Ubuntu and Debian packages for 32 and 64bit including source code
several webcams can be used
->display of recording time, fps and file-size
-> count down timer
-> .....
-> .....